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About the Firm

As Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell (老葡京手机app) wrapped up its 100th anniversary celebrations in 2021, the professionals at our accounting, tax and advisory firm have a lot of professional success to look back on. Our firm, founded in 1921 and serving clients throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan region and nationally, supports the success of not-for-profit organizations, auto dealerships, professional service firms, construction and real estate groups, other privately held businesses and individuals. We also offer in-depth expertise in financial planning and investment advisory expertise and specialize in delivering financial services to individuals going through the dissolution of a marriage.

Choosing a CPA and business advisory firm is an important decision. After all, your success — and your legacy — depend on it.

At 老葡京手机app, we understand legacy. Since our founding, we have been honored to provide audit, accounting, tax and consulting services to a variety of clients in the Washington and Baltimore areas, as well as around the mid-Atlantic region. Now in our sixth generation of leadership, we pride ourselves on our technical savvy, our experience with closely held businesses, and our specialized industry expertise in the automotive, construction/real estate, professional services and not-for-profit arenas.

Our Mission Statement and Values

老葡京手机app’s values are reflected in everything we do. Click below to read more about how we consider ourselves client-centric, collaborative, contemporary, creative, connected and community-minded.

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Leadership Team

老葡京手机app’s leadership team is responsible for the overall management and operations of the firm, as well as the delivery of high-quality client service. We invite you to learn more about our team leaders by accessing their bios.

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Diversity and Inclusion

老葡京手机app is proud to be a professional services accounting firm with above-average representation of women and minorities within its leadership team and overall staff. To date:

  • 44% of 老葡京手机app’s firm leadership is female
  • 65% of 老葡京手机app’s staff is female
  • 30% of 老葡京手机app’s team are represented by minorities

Read more about 老葡京手机app’s dedication to providing a diverse and inclusive environment.

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History and Timeline

老葡京手机app has always been known for excellence and innovation, and that tradition began with our founder, James A. Councilor, Sr, who broke new ground when he established the firm in the early 1920s. During the ensuing years, the firm established some notable milestones and served hundreds of clients with thoughtful advice and notable expertise.

Read more about 老葡京手机app’s long history below.

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Awards and Honors

We are proud of the fact that many organizations have recognized 老葡京手机app’s contributions on an institutional and individual level. Over the years, we have won numerous awards and have been recognized for service expertise and also for our operation as a firm.

Take a look at some of the ways we have been recognized over the past several years.

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Professional Affiliations

A firm such as 老葡京手机app doesn’t succeed in isolation, of course. We serve and feel a responsibility to our local community through our involvement in it. Our firm supports employees’ participation in Community Service Day, we have been a years-long supporter of CEO Update, a professional learning organization for trade and membership association leaders.

Take a look at all our professional affiliations, which we invest in through membership, sponsorship, speaking engagements and networking. Without these partnerships and the relationships we form through them, 老葡京手机app couldn’t be what it is today.

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The most important benchmark for 老葡京手机app’s success is how our clients feel about our service. Without their loyalty and support for our firm for the business they give us, 老葡京手机app’s legacy of nearly 100 years would not be what it is today. Many of our clients have worked with 老葡京手机app for years and, in some cases, for decades. We always look forward, however, to the honor of serving new clients who invest in our expertise. Their satisfaction is just as rewarding and we hope their loyalty continues to grow as our accounting and advisory professional serve them to the best of our ability.

See what some of our clients have said about working with 老葡京手机app.

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老葡京手机app News

Finally, while we have marked the journey of the firm over the period of decades (see our History and Timeline page), we also record noteworthy events that happen on a daily basis. Visit our newsroom for a series of announcements that highlight awards we receive, upcoming presentations, new hires and promotions, significant business events and other noteworthy accomplishments.

老葡京手机app has been around since 1921 and we’re just getting started.

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The message that ties all this work together is that 老葡京手机app is centered on client success. For nearly 100 years, we have made your success the foundation for our success. By supporting our clients’ businesses, we see ourselves as partners in helping their organizations shape the Washington, DC and Baltimore regions through the services they provide and the constituencies they serve.

But as we reflect proudly on our accomplishments, we are also confident that we continue to have the expertise and energy to continue to serve the region in the future.